About Us


Paid family and medical leave matters for small business.

Across the country, small business owners are joining with allies to pass paid family and medical leave in our states and nationally.  Grassroots and small business membership organizations have teamed up to pull resources together that make sense for small businesses, as they engage in paid family and medical leave policy development.

With new opportunities to move strong paid family and medical leave through Congress, Small Business for Paid Leave is supporting small business owners as they speak out on how a publicly managed and funded paid family and medical leave program is good for all of us.


Develop fact-based principles

Small business owners need to know the facts. By raising awareness about harmful carveouts and other policy tricks that are popular among corporate lobbyists and anti-paid leave groups, we can pass a strong policy that works for small business and families.

Share Stories

Small business owners need access to paid leave for themselves and their employees. By sharing stories, we can illustrate the need for an accessible, inclusive and universal paid leave program.

Inform Policy

Small businesses should be at the forefront of conversations on paid leave, advocating for policy incentives that ensure small business owners and employees can actually use the program once it is implemented.

We curated this website to provide basic information to small business owners on paid family and medical leave efforts. Our goal is to give you the resources you need to take action — from social media to meeting with your Member of Congress.


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